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The African Unconscious by Edward Bruce Bynum – Cannons Class
The African Unconscious by Edward Bruce Bynum

The African Unconscious by Edward Bruce Bynum


Another Book down this week but this Report was specifically intriguing due to the fact that I am currently studying Neuropsychology for my Masters Degree. Funny enough as of lately I have been questioned on my “fact-checking” pertaining to my discussions on “Human Origins” and the Scientific study of “Melanin” or the multistage chemical process known as Melanogenesis. Well the book THE AFRICAN UNCONSCIOUS : “Roots of Ancient Mysticism and Modern Psychology” by DR. EDWARD BRUCE BYNUM breaks it all down! The fascinating and award winning Dr.Edward Bruce Bynum, Ph.D., A.B.P.P., is a clinical psychologist and the director of behavioral medicine at the University of Massachusetts Health Services in Amherst. All that to say, this dude definitely knows what he is talking about! Offering archeological data, ancient manuscripts, and genetic evidence, many of the misconceptions about where we ALL come from are exposed and unabashedly refuted by Dr. Bynum’s theorizing. It is sad because as he states it in the book, “The Indigenous African was erased from the teachings of history and the unfoldment of Human civilization.” Not to get too scientific but this study takes us back 1.7 million years ago to East Africa where “Homo Erectus” first arose. Then evolving throughout all of Africa to 200,000 years ago to who we are today the “Homo Sapiens Sapiens”. So now that we are all in agreement “Scientifically” on how it all started, the books next step is how our culture and The African Diaspora energized the world as we know it today and how it’s nature challenges all current linear dogma. This book provides a definitive alternative to European scholarship that has been forced on society for centuries. Whether it’s like the Brilliant Dr. Bynum puts it, “When Africa Americans come in contact with European musical instruments and create unique idioms such as Jazz and Rock n Roll.” All the way to the “Mother Tongue” origins and the first migration of the “Grimaldi Negroids” 25,000 years ago into what is known today as the “Caucus Mountains”. Which brings us to the conversation about Melanin. Scientifically, there are 3 types of melanin: EuMelanin, Pheomelanin, and Nueromelanin which is the located in the central nervous system. The first 2 EuMelanin and Pheomelanin are externally expressed through pigmentation and color, the third Neuromelanin is internal, operating through embryogenesis in our brains. Basically our “Melanin” absorbs light, a fact with immense evolutionary, neurological, and psycho-spiritual implications. The “European – Grimaldi Negroid Homo Sapiens” experienced the Upper Paleolithic period or “The Ice Age” where biochemical changes occurred. Therefore skin color, hair, texture, build, mental, spiritual and survival differences morphed in mankind. That being said, all humans at their deepest core are still variations on the African template, creating a shared identity and collective unconscious in all. Dr. Bynum goes on to sight various historians and scientists to display his findings that are all rooted in the current Scientific Enterprise. Ultimately to embrace our dark skinned African Antiquity, our people have been focusing on our spiritual core and compassion since the early Egyptians. Egypt originally called the land of Kemit translates to “Land of the Blacks”. This is where Kemetic Science and mathmatics and terms such as “chem-istry” originate. Chemistry or originally the study of Kemetic energy also opened our culture to phenomenons like Kundalini, the evolutionary force of consciousness through religion, spirituality and metaphysics. We all embodied this level of consciousness and compassion from the beginning. Somehow we lost our mojo and became brainwashed centuries later with the “Menacing Black” construct met by “White Identity Development”. This eventually created a inferiority/superiority complex amongst humans. Subsequently the eventual engrossing concept as “Whites” as rulers of society was placed on the world. Even though many of us are waking up and aligning together there are still forces that are “threatened” by the return of the repressed or as I say the “Oppressed”.
Overall what Dr Bynum does brilliantly in his book is instructs us the reader how to openly and nonapologetically encourage human beings, regardless of race and ethnicity, to individually and collectively strive for enlightenment and unification with themselves, other living beings, and the wider ecological and planetary energy that binds the whole of the universe together. I learned a lot and I loved it! Great Read!