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Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust by John Henrik Clarke – Cannons Class
Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust by John Clarke

Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust by John Henrik Clarke


As many may or may not know I have been chronicling and reading at least 2 books every 7 days and delivering reports weekly all year long. This practice actually started for me in 2016, when I first began attending Howard University for my first degree in Criminology. I was then introduced to my current Professor, Mentor and Jegna the Great Dr. Greg Carr, the Chairman of the Africana Studies Department. There I received my double major accreditation and degree as I continue to study African American History and the African Diaspora, all while working for my PHD in Divinity as a Theological student. Dr. Carr has introduced me to many authors and scholars whose literature and works have changed my life and the direction of my career, from an opinionated entertainer to hopeful Scholar and true Academic. That is a journey that I am still just beginning as a forever student and curious empty vessel. One of the most fulfilling Intellectuals that Dr. Carr revealed to me was DR. JOHN HENRIK CLARKE, the Master Philosopher and Historian who coined the classic phrase “I only debate with my equals, all others I teach!” And teach he did, in the book “CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS AND THE AFRIKAN HOLOCAUST”. The author and ancestor specifically says in the text, “Never to negate the German and the European Holocaust; Hitler is one of the most dreadful criminals known to mankind, pure evil that happened in Europe caused by a European.” Dr. Clarke goes on to describe how the history of Europeans has destroyed more civilization than it has ever created. In the years of the Trans Atlantic slave trade, Africa lost well over 100 million people. For every African captured, three were killed. The Belgians alone killed 30 million people in the Congo. Mathematically it shows that for every 20 million sold, 80 million died. Staggering numbers for sure, but Europe’s murdering, conquering and colonization was global. In an island near Australia called Tasmania, the British killed EVERY man, woman and child! Though this book report is not an attempt to play “Oppression Olympics” but simply to clarify history. Ultimately Europeans of yesteryear considered it a necessity to leave African people out of the respectful commentary of World history. Not only did they colonize our land but they erased and colonized our history and remained in control of our minds and spirits by colonizing the image of God. Therefore, this book isn’t about some diseased absent minded explorer who actually believed the Caribbean was India and Cuba was Japan. A hero to most “Flat Earthers”, Cristo Colombo’ also moonlighted as a pedophile and a rapist. Who somehow still has a National Holiday and is looked at as an American Hero, even though he is personally responsible for slaughtering millions of indigenous people. Rather this book is teaching that the civilizations of AFRIKA gave the world its first humanity, its first belief systems, its first social thought and its first philosophy. Proving that OUR history did not began with the slave trade. As a matter of fact they were great explorers of the world as well, even in the lands way before it was named after the black queen “Europa”. The African people named The Grimaldi had already covered most of Europe as early as 20,000 B.C. So the myths of uncivilized, non sophisticated creatures that had to be sanctified from their primitive state by Caucasians is ridiculous. Our people were Super Rich and Super Fly! For instance, in the 1300s the famous Emperor of Mali, “Mansa Mussa” is still known as the richest man to EVER live, yeah he made Jeff Bezos look like a broke boy. Mansa Mussa explored and traveled to Mecca in 1324 with an entourage of 60,000 of his homies. Five hundred bondsman that each carried a staff of pure gold marched in front of him with 280 camels that each carried 2,400 pounds of gold. His gifts alone through off countries economies. He built the largest and first physical University in Africa while the rest the outside world was in the late medieval period, Mansa Massa was the golden age all by himself. He was Africa. Several years before that amazing empire was the one that kicked it all off, Egypt. Around 6000 B.C. during it’s 3rd dynasty, Egypt had a Chief Counsel and Minister named ImHotep, who’s name means “He who cometh in peace” and is considered the worlds first multi-genius. Imhotep is the true father of medicine and helped Egypt organize into an Afrikan Nation. So our people had the brains and the bag!
So cut back to the Middle Ages where Europe is in the aftermath of the Crusades, the famines and the plagues that has disseminated 1/3 of the population. Not to mention Europe hadn’t experienced any abundance since the decline of the Roman Empire in the middle of the 7th Century. So they were forced to invade others and seek to conquer the more Utopian African people and their “tragic naïveté”. Yes, Africa where nature was extremely kind and furnished it’s people with an abundance of food, land, good weather and good living. These African societies were comfortably governed by honor and obligation. Land could neither be bought or sold and there were no disputes over ownership. Everything belonged to everyone. Now, the European comes along from a society where nature was rather harsh and stingy, forcing their people to compete for food, land and even women therefore developing an acquired instinct for competition and survival of the fittest lifestyles that the African was foreign to. So when the first Europeans arrived it was all love. The Africans welcomed them with open arms and compassion. But as we know that quickly shifted and history paints a different picture. But the facts are all through this book for this generation to see. And ultimately we as humans are all from Africa. But it boggles my mind how people often view the truth as “racist”. But Dr Clarke said it best, “Racists will always call you a racist when you identify their racism. To love yourself now is a form of racism. We are the only people who are criticized for loving ourselves. and white people think when you love yourself you hate them.” Not true at all… See the goal is getting back to the abundance of LOVE. Unfortunately, many people are scared and intimidated by that abundance. In result, Black people are becoming increasingly conscious of people who exploit their community and show no love in return. Including our own, we are responsible for Us and even though Eurocentric ideologies and Dogma may have stolen and brainwashed away our history… This book uncovers the colossal dehumanizing of a the African people as the greatest crime the world ever committed. So in order to atone and right the wrongs for these ancient sins today we must all recognize the truth and then embrace reconciliation because like Dr Clarke said “There can be no successful alliance between weak people and strong people. There is no true partnership between a horse and its rider.“ So if our communities really want to come together, restoration and repair is in order. Because we have no monetary or physical memorials for our Holocaust. So now I am learning from our Jewish Brothers and Sisters how to rise up and join in alliance as a brotherhood and not let the oppression and division of the Elite American Imperialism silence our shine. In the final words of Ancestor Clarke from this phenomenal life changing read, “My revolution starts with me and my memorial to the people in the Middle Passage starts right now.”